by Markus Schmid
Published: 14 September 2020 (2 months ago)
becoming in October 2020 Nanasai (7 Years)
2015 / ZNA All Japan Koi Show 70BU Champion
2018 / ZNA All Japan Koi Showa 85BU 4th place with 81cm
2019 / German Shinkokai Koi Show 91cm Supreme Champion
2020 / Hollan Koi Show 94cm Grand Champion
I bought her in 2015 at Momotaro. There was a clear request from myself to Daisuke and Michio: I want to buy a Kohaku with a potential to win in the future any Koi Show in Europe, mainly based on ZNA rules. Daisuke and Michio showed me their not for sale Koi (private) and bowled four pieces. And Michio advised me to take her because she had the best potential. This is what I did and they were correct with her evolution.
She is swimming summer and winter outside but within a Glasshouse. Winter temp is falling down to 15°C and summer there is no control of Temperature. She has the Name Jolie Rose. She was even good enough for one spawning at Momotaro after the big flooding. The fry quantity was not enough, at this Point Daisuke had only one Male available therefore we decided to throw it away. But this is more an underlying fact of her quality.
We shipped her in Dec 2018 to Germany.