by Woody
Published: 3 June 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Beni Ginga bred by Ozumi.

Approximately 50cm in length

This is a really beautiful and unusual Japanese Koi.

It is a Beni Ginga (very similar variety to a Kujaku but has a much deeper red and darker base colour than a Kujaku). It’s one of the newer varieties and are rarely available for sale, especially at this size. This particular fish comes from Japanese breeder Ozumi.

The scale reticulation on this fish is really good, each scale is outlined really nicely to give an incredible look.

It’s a three year old male fish, but has really good body shape. It’s already pretty large at approximately 50cm. This fish needs to go to a sizeable pond. Note it is missing a few scales low down near it’s tail from spawning late autumn last year (not very noticeable and they are growing back)

Reason for sale: To say I’m a bit of a koi addict is an understatement, and with that comes an obsession with buying fish amd watching them grow and develop, but I also have limited space and so it’s important for me to keep the fish population at a healthy level. So this is a genuine opportunity to own a high end fish at a great price.

Please be sure to check the video as the pictures don’t really do it justice